Gang Tour to Gokaran

New year, lots of new hopes, dreams and aspirations in heart; I am sure everyone has something or the other in the mind as todo or resolutions taken for the year. As usual I also have tons of plan to full fill my bucket list, and decided to start with super amazing drive to GOKARNA with my gang. We were 13 people and almost broke my head to nail it down. Everyone knows how it works when there is planning for big gang; with different view points, budget, stay, food etc. etc. If it turns out good then it becomes memorable, mine was good one too. More than everything the big advantage was we had majority like minded people which was a good point to add.


The drive, fun on the journey, pit stops, daba dinners and lunchs, drive games, coffee breaks made the travel much easier and exciting. It happened that we got amazing Sunrise view in the middle of the journey near Jogfalls (Sagar Dist. Shimoga, Karnataka). The view was breath taking. When I think of it, was first time I ever saw the sunrise, and was beautiful. We spent nice time there walking around, streching ourself from the drive, and was good break too.

(The below picture down is what I am talking about, isnt it mesmerizing)


It took us 13 hours to reach with pitstops ofcourse and, when we reached, just wanted to sleep, looking at the stay and location, our sleep ran away. Good cottage exactly opposite beach and we just have giagantic sea infront of us. It was afternoon, we were very hungry, and our excitement was sky high. We started playing cricket for quite few hours and didnt relaize the time went by. Later all freshed up and went to water and sat there for sunset.


Sunset is one portion of glimpse which we get to view from planet earth. Watching the point where sun meets earth is just magnificent. This makes us realise that we are part tiny portion of the gigantic universe. Sunset at beach is extraordinary over any other sunset in the world. Watching sky raining orangish yellow from blue and white sky/cloud is worth it. Every sunset (dawn) brings new hope and new life. I get million dreams which looks easy to get fulfilled; I could sense my subconscious thoughts and felt it met my reality. One of the peaceful time I ever get is dawn watching. It’s mesmerising….

The Gang Fun!

Friends are integral part of life, they stay with you in your thick and thin of the life journey. Some good friends and travel with them definitely is a treasure which I want to add it to my memory book. Few years down the line when I read about it, and see some photographs, I bet we will have smile on our face and a wish to go back to the memory tour.

Our Gokarna trip also added lots of memory, well time spent! Fun games we played in the night, late night talks, beach walk, cooking in cottage kitchen, long wait for dinner, fire camp, singing, dance and many more. The best part of the night was star gazing, I probably do not do any justice in putting in words. The lost feeling looking the sky and millions of stars, I couldn’t understand it was a star gaze for me or all of them were looking at me with lot of shine in there face. Mother nature always surprises us with lots of wonders.


Travel is fun, it gives some purpose to life. I hope I can do may more and keep writing here to put my experiences on paper and create memory treasure to myself.

Travel Inside! Feelings from within….

2020 year! Created tons of bucket list. Made planning on what all places I should cover and what better I can do to make this year the best. I still remember the new year’s eve where my brother told me, this year is going to be awesome for you and wished me all the luck and travel. As an opener I started with “GOKARANA”, it’s located on the coastal line of South India and was good start indeed. (More info on the blog – Gang Tour to GOKARANA)


January was all good, beginning of the year, with loads of hope and sunshine. A perfect time to start all over again, changing energies and deserting old moods, new beginning, new attitude. My energy was sky high, and was all rolled to live the new year.

Nobody knew all of sudden everything will be halted. Could not imagine our life is going to take 180 degree turn. The heavy word which we hear these days “CORONA/COVID19” and Quarantine! the new word in our dictionary which we started using on a daily basis. Across the world everyone is going through challenges and each one of us are stuck in our own ways. Some are struggling to fight against the disease, few are standing as first line of defence to protect the WORLD (Doctors, Nurses, New Channels, Grocery suppliers, Delivery Boys, Security Guards, Govt. servants, People who are helping needy, and many more; I salute them and convey deep heart regards), and some of us, luckiest amongst all, sitting home and trying to help the society by not socialising and hoping to get the situation better.

It would be wrong to say we are problem free. Best possible statement I can say is we are comparatively safe amogst the lot. I see so many adds, memes, social media posts on the quote STAY HOME, STAY SAFE. I believe it’s our basic responsibility as a human and a citizen to be home. We should and will follow that for sure, no doubt there.

One thing we all have to take care along with our physical health is to take care of mental health. It’s not easy to sit home and wait for the situations to calm down. We dont even know when it will be normal. This restricted stay routine has become new normal. All our personal lives are halted, infact few are struggling to get basic needs. In this situation keeping calm our mind is important.

I am an independent women and always believed that free mind, free space, wings to fly to fulfil dreams, and job to lead my life makes life good. At this stage when I look at the current situation where I am stuck at home, away from parents, and my passion travel, waves of mixed thoughts hitting the mind, not so awaiting weekends, no hangouts; I feel clueless about my present and the future. This reminds me of quote which I read, its the fear which is taking this toll, it is the anxiety which is suffocating. I am sure its just not me, millions of people are struggling thorough this thought process.


My Mom says, present is what we need to concentrate on and always put an effort to make it better in the given time and situation. Every day I remind myself about this and count my blessings I have and think what can be done to make TODAY better. Something one should hold on strongly is HOPE, that gives us confidence to live in the moment and think good and positive about the future. Am sure based on million tweets, social media posts we know how best we all can utilize our time to indulge in present time.

  • Daily workout routines and meditation
  • Cook and Clean
  • Develop a hobby you like (Painting, Blog writing, sketching, gardening, baking etc. etc.)
  • Weekday Work from Home with high productivity
  • Learn new skills which help our your career
  • Talk to Parents and friends – echats, emails, video calls
  • Read books – Self helps is my favourite!
  • Binge watch the series

Most importantly try and travel inside to know better about yourself. Spend some time with yourself, talk through your thoughts and passify yourself with good, postive, and motivating thoughts, and stay calm. I am sure everyone of us are in a different journey and dealing with different challenges, the best we can do is to keep our mind calm. I know it’s tough period, everything is for our benefit. I support the fight! and doing my best to help my mental and physical health do keep it active. I know travel has halted and can’t even think to step out. Sunshine is on the way, just get through the difficult bit, all will be normal soon.

Until then STAY SAFE!!! I am also in the same boat hoping for the new day with the new hope.


Hilly station – Chickmaglore

One day suddenly decided to go to Chikmagalur, Karnataka which is approx. 5 hours away from my city. It is a hill station and very beautiful nature spot, attracts lot of visitors to enjoy the nature care. I have been visiting this place every year from the time I was 3 years without fail. It’s my cousins home town, and they know in and out of the place. The place attracts with lot of hills, mountains, reeks, falls, curvy roads, beautiful view points, coffee estates, townhomes, and many more. When it comes to nature, I am always up for it.

    Coffee Estate Sight

    Since Chikmagalur is hilly area, the main crop is coffee and pepper. The place has lot of coffee estates where pepper creeps are also spread. Panoramic view of the mountain top and coffee plantations, pepper creeps around the sky high silver trees make the gateway for the estate visits. This is an ideal location for those who are looking to spend time away from the city which offers lot during the weekend to spend time.

    COFFEE is my favourite drink! Many estates provide coffee tour who gives some knowledge share on horticulture, process of growing coffee, pulper process, and coffee brewing process. The brewing machines gives amazing aroma of coffee and get to taste best “South Indian Coffee”. While writing, I can still smell the aroma and mouth watering taste of Coffee. Yummm!

    Mountain Area 

    The hill station experienc was amazing. In Karnataka we have lot of hilly areas; coorg, chickmangalore, Dakshin Karnataka, sakleshpur and many more. Each and every location is so different from each other and holds its own beauty. 

    Sunset, sunrise, water creeks, curvy roads, small falls, in house cafes, adventure drives, scenic points, drizzle rains, rainbows and many more, will give amazing experience to be part of the fun ride. If you have group of friends to accompany then nothing like it. I loved my trip and hunting for more and more experiences

    More places – Bababudangiri, Mullayngiri, Abhi falls, Muthodi forest, Taj Hotel, coffee estates etc. 


    Travel is my passion, I believe travelling gives me immeanse memories and experience to your life. The journey of life looks easier with the travel flavor which I always try to add. 


    Ancient Egypt 

    What comes to our mind when we think about Egypt? Pyramids, Mummies, Nile, and possibly the movie Scorpion King. I had the same view when I thought about traveling to Egypt! Always wondered about how pyramids are built, what’s the history behind mummies and how Nile river flows in the middle of the desert, and how did Egyptians lived such a royal life. Post Egypt travel I can say, if not indetail, I have managed to get convincing answers to my questions.  Truely, the place is beyond Pyramids and mummies. It has more than 4000 year old history with an amazing storyline to support with beautiful architectures, which still exists in the country. The government has managed to do a very good job in saving all the historical monuments, art, and their culture. In current state, Egypt is fully Arab occupied and no Egyptian blood exists anymore, nowhere in the world. Isn’t it pretty surprising that they don’t exist at all? Few claim to be the current generation, no proof though. Looking at the people, it seems true that they are extinct. One thing I can claim that they have the amazing history and lived life King size.

    Places to be seen 

    • Cairo – Pyramids (Giza), Great Sphinx of Giza, Cairo Museum
    • Luxor – Luxor Temple, Karnak temple, Valley of Kings, Valley if Queens, Temple of Edfu, Calossi of Memnon
    • Aswan – Nubian Village, Abu Simbul, Temple De Philae
    • Nile River – Throughout Egypt, Nile river flows and it has its own beauty to look through different cities. It looks so different and beautiful in each city.
    • Sharm El Sheik and Senai Mountains

    To chilax we visited Sharm El Sheik which is beachy place. We kept it last, after all our tight travel of history. I did nothing than just relaxing. Infinity pool, luxury treatment, Coral Beach with loads of fish was super fun to enjoy the whole relaxing 2 days. It has a drive of Senai Mountain which is also very beautiful. I realized that the Arabian Sea is possibly the first place I visited where the sun rises.

    The Pyramids

    Who doesn’t know about the Egyptian pyramid! These are built during a time when Egypt was one of the richest and most powerful civilisations in the world. Especially the Giza pyramids are some of the most magnificent man-made structure in history build under the influence of King Khufu. Did you know that the great Pyramids of Giza weighs 6.5 million tons? Such a gigantic structure. Difficult to believe that it’s human construction. In total there are more than 130 pyramids identified in the region but the most famous one is the Giza pyramids.

    Nubian Village

    Nubian is small tribal community lives on the bank of Nile river towards the desert portion of Aswan and is isolated from the other part of the country. The village is so pretty and beautiful which is filled with vibrant colors. Every house are painted with blue, green, yellow, orange colors with some good art. From Aswan, the view of the village is very eye catching. The people there are very kind and allow the tourists to visit their houses and serve hot tea. Their occupation is agriculture and women sell homemade ornaments and jewels to the tourists. It was indeed a nice experience.

    Tombs, Temples, and Mummies

    Egyptians believed in carrying rich culture. Their history and Gods are very much similar to Hindu historians. They strongly believed in reincarnation, the release of the soul post death and afterlife. The story is, The Ba (soul GOD with Eagle faced human body) will put back the soul to the same body and they live the same king/queen life post death in the sky, for which the mummification process were followed. For the soul to identify the body, mummies were preserved building huge tombs and temples.

    The stories are carved in various temples which explain the richness and belief. Valley of Kings has more than 30 tombs where various kings and queens bodies were mummified. All the tombs have beautiful carvings and paintings which looks like its newly done but the fact is they are thousands of year old sculptures and paintings.

    Interesting facts about Egypt (my hearings and thoughts)

    By the name of Egypt only we start thinking about how different it is from the other parts of the world. I believe as a traveler we will have more closure to the actual culture, real history from the adults who know some good facts about the country, and the inner beauty of the city than being a tourist. I heard few interesting facts which are really very different than normal which I would like to share.

    • Now Egypt is completely Arab occupied and no Egyptian blood exists. The whole Egyptian civilization vanished thousands of years ago.
    • Giza pyramids have the astronomical configuration which is set to align with the stars in the Orion belt. Scientists claim that in the modern era also it is not possible to build it so accurately and with the same amount of time.
    • We all know that the Nile is the longest river in the world. Did we know that the river is so flourished and will always have enough water in-spite of it being flows in the middle of the desert!?
    • Only 20% of the country is occupied by land, rest everything is deserted.
    • Few believe and claim that Egyptians are aliens from some other planet.
    • The nearest historical life for our modern world in terms of the living such as usage of utensils, eating food with forks, knife, and spoons, footware, wooden beds, having dogs and cats as pets etc. Note – This is my observation based on the preservations done in the Cairo museum.
    • Nubians speak their own language and do not have the script. This language is selfcreated and is not spoken anywhere in the world. Interestingly they pet crocodile
    • It is claimed that even with our modern equipment and machineries it is very tough and nearest to impossible to rebuild the architecture which has been built 4000 years ago with no such modernization 

    I am thinking, every bit of the facts about Egypt is interesting and few are mouth opening. I am glad for the fact that I got to visit this country

    My traveling experience

    I and my friend decided that we will pick Egypt considering our interest and the budget of course. Since we were only Girls we went through some challenges as the country is not westernized and pretty male dominant. In-spite of challenges I can surely tell that this will really be one country which all of us should have it on our bucket list. The major income Egypt get is through tourism. No doubt that they have good facilities for all the tourists and travelers. It is a budget friendly country and can afford to stay with minimal cost.

    As a country and the wealth they hold is amazingly beautiful. The architecture is beyond the imagination. Hats off to the people who were involved in paintings, sculptures and the monument construction including Pyramids. We always tend to applause and give credit to Kings and Queens for all the tombs, temples, and pyramid creations. If I think about it, the major work will be done by millions of talented people who made it happen. As per me, it’s unbelievable that a normal human can do such kind of wonder. That’s the reason possibly one of the monument is listed in the wonders of the world record and still managing to hold the place.

    Overall it was a good package of wonders, knowledge gain, fantasized history, and Beach. Though I had my challenges Vedika (my travel partner) and I managed to get through the trip. As a touristy place, it has spoilers too. As a traveler the learning I have got from this trip is unforgettable. This is my story of EGYPT!


    Putting some references which might help readers

    Note – Multiple tours are organized from hostels and be mindful of paying money. Prefer group tours which help you in making new friends from different parts of the world. Am sure it will be more fun.

    Just go, see all the beauty of the world. TRAVEL!

    Heaven on the EARTH – Banff & Jasper


    Mesmerizing! This is possibly the word for the place I visited this time. Here I am, to share one of my best travel experiences. The idea of traveling to Banff and Jasper was in my dreams when I started planning for the trip. My journey completed yet stayed as beautiful dream which I could create in the form of memory. Banff and Jasper is located in Alberta province, Canada. With the Rocky Mountains spread across the west part of the Canada, which is filled with dramatic and picture perfect views. It is the scenery which one can expect on the post cards.

    Eye Candy


    The drive was so thrilling from Banff to Jasper. Nature view was so amazing that I did not want to blink my eyes, not even for a second; I wanted to capture even millisecond of what the nature had to offer. The Valleys, Mountains, Lakes, creeks, sky-high trees, moose walks, nature parks, trekking trails, and much more came as a gift of nature to me. I fell in love with the scenery; we were very much lost in the maze of nature. Driving between the mountains is one kind of experience I wouldn’t suggest one to miss out.

    It is heaven on the earth.

    I can claim that highway 93 will be one of the best drives one can get to experience. The distance is 289 kilometers (175 miles) of mountainous country drive between Banff and Jasper. It takes dim 5 hours to drive and reach Jasper. There is so much jaw dropping scenery packed in that distance that I would suggest to take your own time to explore and experience the Mother Nature.

    Adventure world 

    West Canada offers loads of adventure experiences. I always stand first to vouch for one kind of thriller. The glaciers have millions of treks, camping spots, caravan drives, river rafting, rock and ice climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping and much more activities to count upon.


    One way to take upon the life is treat the situations as adventure. One way to have fun in life is to experience the adventure. I loved each  and every activities which we experienced.

    The Township 


    The town of Banff is lively and is surrounded with beautiful mountains, lakes and creeks. adventure and activities. Morning sunrise, birds chirping, herd of deer wandering on the main street, swans on the lakes is something which one gets to view. The lively streets of downtown are lined with good restaurants, bars, and shops. The town of Banff offers you endless options for rejuvenation and exploration every day.

    Favourite picks

    My favorites are all of them. Each and every spot has its own beauty to add. It is very difficult to point to pick up the bests. Everything is so different and amazing. Few are, Banff downtown, Lake Louise , The Summit, Ice field parkway, Athabasca falls, Athabasca glacier (all of the drive is amazing), and The Banff upper hot springs.


    There is facility of sky tram and bus ride which goes through icefield parkway. if you are first timer to sky tram it’s worth the experience. If you have had that experience before, you might want to skip it to save some dollars. Instead of bus ride there is walk trail which you can follow. I loved walking on the trail. Nearest view of the icefield mountain was an eye opener. I spent hours together looking the beautiful nature creation, wondering about the magical creation of GOD, thinking on the nature gift to the mankind.


    Banff is around one and half hour drive from Calgary. There is public airport transportation from Calgary to Banff. If one is looking for packages, there are multiple packages available from Calgary. All the information is available in airport information counter. It’s incredible that Canadian tourisim have made it very friendly to have hazel free tour.
    I would suggest hiring a car from Calgary airport and driving around. There are so many beautiful scenically views on the drive way that yr are forced to stop your car to enjoy the beautiful nature. Car is the best option to explore the inner beauty of the mountains.

    Travel Quote — “Fill your life with Travel, not the things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show”


    Nature Spot in Namma Bengalooru

    Though I am staying in Bengalooru from past 4 years, I couldn’t explore the spot which I did recently. I am a nature lover, and would always try to explore the best in class from the magical creation of Mother Nature. 

    Ramanagara is a town near Bangalore which is covered with good rocky hills around the place. It’s about 90 mins drive to the place from the center part of the Bangalore. I love driving and biking,and is the best mode to reach the place. On the way to the drive, you will see lot of pit stops for food and beverages. This definitely can be a good one day outing. 

    Nature’s lesson on life 

    Nature has lot to offer to the universe. The sunrise and sunset, rocky hills, huge trees, valleys, rivers and much more. Everyday it inspires us with its beauty, charm and spirit. 

    Nature inspires me with its immense patience. Like human, it has to go through lots of ups and downs, in the end what we get to see is the bright sunshine falling on the earth with loads of greenery, flower blossoms, happy flowing rivers, good breeze and much more. 

    Bad times put  me to the thought and always have spent my time with the nature and one special thing which I have learnt from nature is the patience . It tells me to stay calm and wait for that sunshine which is coming in my way. Whenever I look back in my life, I have seen that sunshine which is the proven lesson, that I have learnt from the nature. It is a gift for me and will always cherish throughout my life 


    • Shilaandara Resort ( FYI, the resort has lot of other activities zip lining, rock climbing and paint ball etc.,) 

    Sky Fall

    “Forget the risk, take the fall. If it’s what you want, it’s worth it all”

    Such a nice quote! It explains the excitement of the free fall. I am an adventurous person and always add one activity as part of my travel. I find it very much thrilling and exciting. This doesn’t mean that I am not scared of these activities; I do get scared but have always made an effort to come out of it. The feeling, after the completion is just amazing. The experience was unforgettable and I recommend everyone to do it. 

    On the day of free fall! 

    I got up with the bright eyes thinking of the fact that I am going to sky dive today. I was very excited and at the same time nervous too. My 2 friends and I had booked in advance to save upon some dollars. I have to tell, it is an expensive hobby, surely one time worth investing. We drove from Newport to Pittstown which locates in New Jersey state. It’s not too far from Newport, around 2 hours drive to Pittstown. 

    The weather was bright and sunny. To add, weather place vital role in sky diving. Tje diving company decides to conduc the event based on weather forecast. Thankfully Sun was in full support with us. We fulfilled all the formalities and documentation which is mandatory. Finally the moment came where we were asked to go to the ground with all the preparation and equipments. Since it was my first time, I had to take up tangled skydiving along with the master. It was bit of relief that somebody will be there with you when you fall. To the group they give training on the technique, do’s and don’ts and some special instructions to make the fall easy. 

    Along with the group we were asked to board the plane. With lot of mixed feelings I went and sat in my seating area. I was very nervous and cold feet at that moment. My hands were wet and my heart was beating fast. The plane took off and finally that minute came where I had to jump from 15,000 feet above the ground. My nervousness was on peak since I was the first one to jump from the plane. Suddenly I started telling “no, I don’t want to jump”. By the time I repeat the sentence of not jumping, was on free fall and shouting loud with my big mouth open. In few seconds I was on parachute, flying, looking around the beautiful landscape. I was happy and crying at the same time. My heart was still beating fast. Finally I calm down and started enjoying the view and landed to the ground. I can proudly say that it was such a thrilling experience which I would have missed for nothing. Now I am thinking that I want to do it again, this time all alone (Which is difficult, because one should certify to do so). I will do it again, for sure. 

    SkyDiving group – SKYDIVE JERSEY, Pittstown, New Jersey 

    Website –  SKYDIVE JERSEY

    Date – 28th Sep, 2014

    A Bustling West Coast – Vancouver 

    Vancouver! When I reached the City, one thought popped into my head is that this is one amongst the big cities we have all over the world. Later part I realized, every place has its own beauty and nature make it special; weather, people, culture, landscape, community, activities and food. This City also has its own flavor to add which made it unique in its own way. I really had good experience in exploring the one. Vancouver is coastal seaport city in Canada, located in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia.

    In and around the CITY 

    Vancouver has almost everything in it. It’s the place with western culture and life style, modern architecture, metropolitan lifestyle, globalized and friendly culture. As tourist I was welcomed by offering variety of experiences. Along with the modern life it also gives much more in terms of nature gift which is filled with beaches, mountains, valleys, lakes, and beautiful landscapes around the corner. Interestingly Vancouver is rated as one of the most popular filming location. Possibly because it has lot of things to offer to capture picture perfect background on the big screen.

    Connectivity & Stay 

    Transportation is well connected inside the area. One can explore using public transport and is at affordable cost. All the main attractions have good connectivity. Hostels are budget friendly and the one I stayed was in the middle of downtown. We had accessibility to lot of things since it was in center. The best thing about staying in hostel is that you get to know different kinds of people from different parts of the world. They were also like me who has immense passion towards traveling.

    Roam around 

    Exploring the inner beauty by walking around the area is always fun. Its wonderful to explore the actual place  which will help in knowing local culture, food, activities, specialties, fairs, weekend fun etc. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. Here people experiences very less period of summertime due to topography. Visiting during the summer time is treat for the tourists. There are lots of activities which happens during this time; fun fair, flea markets, food festivals, musical evenings with local bands, and public dancing. The best part was that, I could experience all of it (Big Smile).

    One of the best things in Canada which excited me is that they promote vegan food, lot of vegan food followers I could count. Being vegetarian I enjoyed eating the local vegan food, it was so delicious. To name some Avocado chocolate mousse, chickpea salad, poutines, and vegan bowl with roasted veggies was just out of the world.

    Restaurants— Meet in Gastown, Lotus Seed Vegan are few to name. I went there and its delicious 

    This town has lot to offer and one has to visit if Canada is in the bucket list. Night life is also very good. Outside bars and well organized restaurants is one thing which you want to look for.

    Tourist Picks 

    Stanley Park, Grove Mountains, Capilano Bridge, English Bay, Lion gate bridge, Gastown are the top picks. All of these places are well connected with the good  historical background. It tells the story from the tribal period.

    Gastown is known for the  whistling steam clock which runs on steam engine and whistles every 15 mins. It’s a musical clock which gives happy whistle. The area also offers amazing restaurants. Gas town is placed on the bank of the ocean which gives amazing water front and Mountain View. 

    Stanley Park has many things to look for. It has skyline view, Vancouver harbor, ocean, beaches, mountain views, board walk, and many more. Me and my friend hired bicycles, and it was good fun to peddle for 27 kilometers, and stressful as well.

    Capilano Bridge is hanging bridge with very good tribe history and has gigantic trees which are more than 200 years old. Further ahead in bus I could go to Grove Mountains too. It has mesmerizing view of Vancouver city which is my display picture of the blog. 

    Lots of activities are setup as well to make the trip more adventures. They have well organized zip lines, kayaking, rafting, boat rides, trekking trails in the mountain areas etc. I would say it’s worth visiting the place which has lot to offer for tourists.

    At last I want to say, keep travelling, explore the places and have loads of fun!

    Travel Date – 20th and 21st Aug, 2017


    Providing link which helped me in making the tour happening 

    Hostel – Vancouver Hostel – Samesun

    Travel Guide – Trip Skeleton

    Transportation- Metro 🚇