Nature Spot in Namma Bengalooru

Though I am staying in Bengalooru from past 4 years, I couldn’t explore the spot which I did recently. I am a nature lover, and would always try to explore the best in class from the magical creation of Mother Nature. 

Ramanagara is a town near Bangalore which is covered with good rocky hills around the place. It’s about 90 mins drive to the place from the center part of the Bangalore. I love driving and biking,and is the best mode to reach the place. On the way to the drive, you will see lot of pit stops for food and beverages. This definitely can be a good one day outing. 

Nature’s lesson on life 

Nature has lot to offer to the universe. The sunrise and sunset, rocky hills, huge trees, valleys, rivers and much more. Everyday it inspires us with its beauty, charm and spirit. 

Nature inspires me with its immense patience. Like human, it has to go through lots of ups and downs, in the end what we get to see is the bright sunshine falling on the earth with loads of greenery, flower blossoms, happy flowing rivers, good breeze and much more. 

Bad times put  me to the thought and always have spent my time with the nature and one special thing which I have learnt from nature is the patience . It tells me to stay calm and wait for that sunshine which is coming in my way. Whenever I look back in my life, I have seen that sunshine which is the proven lesson, that I have learnt from the nature. It is a gift for me and will always cherish throughout my life 


  • Shilaandara Resort ( FYI, the resort has lot of other activities zip lining, rock climbing and paint ball etc.,) 

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