Gang Tour to Gokaran

New year, lots of new hopes, dreams and aspirations in heart; I am sure everyone has something or the other in the mind as todo or resolutions taken for the year. As usual I also have tons of plan to full fill my bucket list, and decided to start with super amazing drive to GOKARNA with my gang. We were 13 people and almost broke my head to nail it down. Everyone knows how it works when there is planning for big gang; with different view points, budget, stay, food etc. etc. If it turns out good then it becomes memorable, mine was good one too. More than everything the big advantage was we had majority like minded people which was a good point to add.


The drive, fun on the journey, pit stops, daba dinners and lunchs, drive games, coffee breaks made the travel much easier and exciting. It happened that we got amazing Sunrise view in the middle of the journey near Jogfalls (Sagar Dist. Shimoga, Karnataka). The view was breath taking. When I think of it, was first time I ever saw the sunrise, and was beautiful. We spent nice time there walking around, streching ourself from the drive, and was good break too.

(The below picture down is what I am talking about, isnt it mesmerizing)


It took us 13 hours to reach with pitstops ofcourse and, when we reached, just wanted to sleep, looking at the stay and location, our sleep ran away. Good cottage exactly opposite beach and we just have giagantic sea infront of us. It was afternoon, we were very hungry, and our excitement was sky high. We started playing cricket for quite few hours and didnt relaize the time went by. Later all freshed up and went to water and sat there for sunset.


Sunset is one portion of glimpse which we get to view from planet earth. Watching the point where sun meets earth is just magnificent. This makes us realise that we are part tiny portion of the gigantic universe. Sunset at beach is extraordinary over any other sunset in the world. Watching sky raining orangish yellow from blue and white sky/cloud is worth it. Every sunset (dawn) brings new hope and new life. I get million dreams which looks easy to get fulfilled; I could sense my subconscious thoughts and felt it met my reality. One of the peaceful time I ever get is dawn watching. It’s mesmerising….

The Gang Fun!

Friends are integral part of life, they stay with you in your thick and thin of the life journey. Some good friends and travel with them definitely is a treasure which I want to add it to my memory book. Few years down the line when I read about it, and see some photographs, I bet we will have smile on our face and a wish to go back to the memory tour.

Our Gokarna trip also added lots of memory, well time spent! Fun games we played in the night, late night talks, beach walk, cooking in cottage kitchen, long wait for dinner, fire camp, singing, dance and many more. The best part of the night was star gazing, I probably do not do any justice in putting in words. The lost feeling looking the sky and millions of stars, I couldn’t understand it was a star gaze for me or all of them were looking at me with lot of shine in there face. Mother nature always surprises us with lots of wonders.


Travel is fun, it gives some purpose to life. I hope I can do may more and keep writing here to put my experiences on paper and create memory treasure to myself.

5 thoughts on “Gang Tour to Gokaran”

  1. As always writing is wonderful.. I was expecting more pics in this post . 🙂 . You should have also included Apsarakonda and Yaana, nice place to spend time.


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