Heaven on the EARTH – Banff & Jasper


Mesmerizing! This is possibly the word for the place I visited this time. Here I am, to share one of my best travel experiences. The idea of traveling to Banff and Jasper was in my dreams when I started planning for the trip. My journey completed yet stayed as beautiful dream which I could create in the form of memory. Banff and Jasper is located in Alberta province, Canada. With the Rocky Mountains spread across the west part of the Canada, which is filled with dramatic and picture perfect views. It is the scenery which one can expect on the post cards.

Eye Candy


The drive was so thrilling from Banff to Jasper. Nature view was so amazing that I did not want to blink my eyes, not even for a second; I wanted to capture even millisecond of what the nature had to offer. The Valleys, Mountains, Lakes, creeks, sky-high trees, moose walks, nature parks, trekking trails, and much more came as a gift of nature to me. I fell in love with the scenery; we were very much lost in the maze of nature. Driving between the mountains is one kind of experience I wouldn’t suggest one to miss out.

It is heaven on the earth.

I can claim that highway 93 will be one of the best drives one can get to experience. The distance is 289 kilometers (175 miles) of mountainous country drive between Banff and Jasper. It takes dim 5 hours to drive and reach Jasper. There is so much jaw dropping scenery packed in that distance that I would suggest to take your own time to explore and experience the Mother Nature.

Adventure world 

West Canada offers loads of adventure experiences. I always stand first to vouch for one kind of thriller. The glaciers have millions of treks, camping spots, caravan drives, river rafting, rock and ice climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping and much more activities to count upon.


One way to take upon the life is treat the situations as adventure. One way to have fun in life is to experience the adventure. I loved each  and every activities which we experienced.

The Township 


The town of Banff is lively and is surrounded with beautiful mountains, lakes and creeks. adventure and activities. Morning sunrise, birds chirping, herd of deer wandering on the main street, swans on the lakes is something which one gets to view. The lively streets of downtown are lined with good restaurants, bars, and shops. The town of Banff offers you endless options for rejuvenation and exploration every day.

Favourite picks

My favorites are all of them. Each and every spot has its own beauty to add. It is very difficult to point to pick up the bests. Everything is so different and amazing. Few are, Banff downtown, Lake Louise , The Summit, Ice field parkway, Athabasca falls, Athabasca glacier (all of the drive is amazing), and The Banff upper hot springs.


There is facility of sky tram and bus ride which goes through icefield parkway. if you are first timer to sky tram it’s worth the experience. If you have had that experience before, you might want to skip it to save some dollars. Instead of bus ride there is walk trail which you can follow. I loved walking on the trail. Nearest view of the icefield mountain was an eye opener. I spent hours together looking the beautiful nature creation, wondering about the magical creation of GOD, thinking on the nature gift to the mankind.


Banff is around one and half hour drive from Calgary. There is public airport transportation from Calgary to Banff. If one is looking for packages, there are multiple packages available from Calgary. All the information is available in airport information counter. It’s incredible that Canadian tourisim have made it very friendly to have hazel free tour.
I would suggest hiring a car from Calgary airport and driving around. There are so many beautiful scenically views on the drive way that yr are forced to stop your car to enjoy the beautiful nature. Car is the best option to explore the inner beauty of the mountains.

Travel Quote — “Fill your life with Travel, not the things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show”


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