Sky Fall

“Forget the risk, take the fall. If it’s what you want, it’s worth it all”

Such a nice quote! It explains the excitement of the free fall. I am an adventurous person and always add one activity as part of my travel. I find it very much thrilling and exciting. This doesn’t mean that I am not scared of these activities; I do get scared but have always made an effort to come out of it. The feeling, after the completion is just amazing. The experience was unforgettable and I recommend everyone to do it. 

On the day of free fall! 

I got up with the bright eyes thinking of the fact that I am going to sky dive today. I was very excited and at the same time nervous too. My 2 friends and I had booked in advance to save upon some dollars. I have to tell, it is an expensive hobby, surely one time worth investing. We drove from Newport to Pittstown which locates in New Jersey state. It’s not too far from Newport, around 2 hours drive to Pittstown. 

The weather was bright and sunny. To add, weather place vital role in sky diving. Tje diving company decides to conduc the event based on weather forecast. Thankfully Sun was in full support with us. We fulfilled all the formalities and documentation which is mandatory. Finally the moment came where we were asked to go to the ground with all the preparation and equipments. Since it was my first time, I had to take up tangled skydiving along with the master. It was bit of relief that somebody will be there with you when you fall. To the group they give training on the technique, do’s and don’ts and some special instructions to make the fall easy. 

Along with the group we were asked to board the plane. With lot of mixed feelings I went and sat in my seating area. I was very nervous and cold feet at that moment. My hands were wet and my heart was beating fast. The plane took off and finally that minute came where I had to jump from 15,000 feet above the ground. My nervousness was on peak since I was the first one to jump from the plane. Suddenly I started telling “no, I don’t want to jump”. By the time I repeat the sentence of not jumping, was on free fall and shouting loud with my big mouth open. In few seconds I was on parachute, flying, looking around the beautiful landscape. I was happy and crying at the same time. My heart was still beating fast. Finally I calm down and started enjoying the view and landed to the ground. I can proudly say that it was such a thrilling experience which I would have missed for nothing. Now I am thinking that I want to do it again, this time all alone (Which is difficult, because one should certify to do so). I will do it again, for sure. 

SkyDiving group – SKYDIVE JERSEY, Pittstown, New Jersey 


Date – 28th Sep, 2014

1 thought on “Sky Fall”

  1. My Travel girl , hats off for the confidence! Am scared of heights too 😭 But I have always dreamt of experiencing these adventures, it’s not easy but you did it 👍🏻 Thanks for the insight of the adventure , I wana do this sometime too 😊


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