Travel Inside! Feelings from within….

2020 year! Created tons of bucket list. Made planning on what all places I should cover and what better I can do to make this year the best. I still remember the new year’s eve where my brother told me, this year is going to be awesome for you and wished me all the luck and travel. As an opener I started with “GOKARANA”, it’s located on the coastal line of South India and was good start indeed. (More info on the blog – Gang Tour to GOKARANA)


January was all good, beginning of the year, with loads of hope and sunshine. A perfect time to start all over again, changing energies and deserting old moods, new beginning, new attitude. My energy was sky high, and was all rolled to live the new year.

Nobody knew all of sudden everything will be halted. Could not imagine our life is going to take 180 degree turn. The heavy word which we hear these days “CORONA/COVID19” and Quarantine! the new word in our dictionary which we started using on a daily basis. Across the world everyone is going through challenges and each one of us are stuck in our own ways. Some are struggling to fight against the disease, few are standing as first line of defence to protect the WORLD (Doctors, Nurses, New Channels, Grocery suppliers, Delivery Boys, Security Guards, Govt. servants, People who are helping needy, and many more; I salute them and convey deep heart regards), and some of us, luckiest amongst all, sitting home and trying to help the society by not socialising and hoping to get the situation better.

It would be wrong to say we are problem free. Best possible statement I can say is we are comparatively safe amogst the lot. I see so many adds, memes, social media posts on the quote STAY HOME, STAY SAFE. I believe it’s our basic responsibility as a human and a citizen to be home. We should and will follow that for sure, no doubt there.

One thing we all have to take care along with our physical health is to take care of mental health. It’s not easy to sit home and wait for the situations to calm down. We dont even know when it will be normal. This restricted stay routine has become new normal. All our personal lives are halted, infact few are struggling to get basic needs. In this situation keeping calm our mind is important.

I am an independent women and always believed that free mind, free space, wings to fly to fulfil dreams, and job to lead my life makes life good. At this stage when I look at the current situation where I am stuck at home, away from parents, and my passion travel, waves of mixed thoughts hitting the mind, not so awaiting weekends, no hangouts; I feel clueless about my present and the future. This reminds me of quote which I read, its the fear which is taking this toll, it is the anxiety which is suffocating. I am sure its just not me, millions of people are struggling thorough this thought process.


My Mom says, present is what we need to concentrate on and always put an effort to make it better in the given time and situation. Every day I remind myself about this and count my blessings I have and think what can be done to make TODAY better. Something one should hold on strongly is HOPE, that gives us confidence to live in the moment and think good and positive about the future. Am sure based on million tweets, social media posts we know how best we all can utilize our time to indulge in present time.

  • Daily workout routines and meditation
  • Cook and Clean
  • Develop a hobby you like (Painting, Blog writing, sketching, gardening, baking etc. etc.)
  • Weekday Work from Home with high productivity
  • Learn new skills which help our your career
  • Talk to Parents and friends – echats, emails, video calls
  • Read books – Self helps is my favourite!
  • Binge watch the series

Most importantly try and travel inside to know better about yourself. Spend some time with yourself, talk through your thoughts and passify yourself with good, postive, and motivating thoughts, and stay calm. I am sure everyone of us are in a different journey and dealing with different challenges, the best we can do is to keep our mind calm. I know it’s tough period, everything is for our benefit. I support the fight! and doing my best to help my mental and physical health do keep it active. I know travel has halted and can’t even think to step out. Sunshine is on the way, just get through the difficult bit, all will be normal soon.

Until then STAY SAFE!!! I am also in the same boat hoping for the new day with the new hope.


2 thoughts on “Travel Inside! Feelings from within….”

  1. As always writing is wonderful.. I was expecting more pics in this post . 🙂 . You should have also included Apsarakonda and Yaana, nice place to spend time.


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