Hilly station – Chickmaglore

One day suddenly decided to go to Chikmagalur, Karnataka which is approx. 5 hours away from my city. It is a hill station and very beautiful nature spot, attracts lot of visitors to enjoy the nature care. I have been visiting this place every year from the time I was 3 years without fail. It’s my cousins home town, and they know in and out of the place. The place attracts with lot of hills, mountains, reeks, falls, curvy roads, beautiful view points, coffee estates, townhomes, and many more. When it comes to nature, I am always up for it.

    Coffee Estate Sight

    Since Chikmagalur is hilly area, the main crop is coffee and pepper. The place has lot of coffee estates where pepper creeps are also spread. Panoramic view of the mountain top and coffee plantations, pepper creeps around the sky high silver trees make the gateway for the estate visits. This is an ideal location for those who are looking to spend time away from the city which offers lot during the weekend to spend time.

    COFFEE is my favourite drink! Many estates provide coffee tour who gives some knowledge share on horticulture, process of growing coffee, pulper process, and coffee brewing process. The brewing machines gives amazing aroma of coffee and get to taste best “South Indian Coffee”. While writing, I can still smell the aroma and mouth watering taste of Coffee. Yummm!

    Mountain Area 

    The hill station experienc was amazing. In Karnataka we have lot of hilly areas; coorg, chickmangalore, Dakshin Karnataka, sakleshpur and many more. Each and every location is so different from each other and holds its own beauty. 

    Sunset, sunrise, water creeks, curvy roads, small falls, in house cafes, adventure drives, scenic points, drizzle rains, rainbows and many more, will give amazing experience to be part of the fun ride. If you have group of friends to accompany then nothing like it. I loved my trip and hunting for more and more experiences

    More places – Bababudangiri, Mullayngiri, Abhi falls, Muthodi forest, Taj Hotel, coffee estates etc. 


    Travel is my passion, I believe travelling gives me immeanse memories and experience to your life. The journey of life looks easier with the travel flavor which I always try to add. 


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